Living in the Gamer’s Paradise

So this week has been like a gamer’s paradise for me. Monday, I received my books and add-ons from the latest Frog God Games Kickstarter. I’m still waiting for my copy of the Swords & Wizardry Complete Rules which was […]


Barrowmaze Session Recap Part 2

CAST——– Marcus, 1st level human ranger Pyrrhic Aere Perennius, 1st level human fighter Mortiganto Ruĝa, 1st level human fighter Uto Keitel, 1st level human cleric of Wotan Drendan Fallowbriar, 1st level halfling thief Haldo, 1st level half-elf ranger Hedric the Strange, […]


Barrowmaze Session Recap Part 1

A couple of months ago, I started running a Barrowmaze game using the Labyrinth Lord / Advanced Edition Companion Rules (LL/AEG) over on the UnseenServant forum. Its a little difficult to do set recaps for the game as there is […]


So the website has gone through a number of changes these last couple of weeks. Originally, everything was run from a home web server. This was fine and easy for me, however the electric bill was horrendous over the winter […]

Baydragons PbP

For those who used to come to this site for the Play-by-Post (PbP) forum, I am sad to say it is down for the foreseeable future. The site had been running on my own personal web server since its creation […]



I don’t always back Kickstarter projects; but when I do, I back Frog God Games.   This morning, Frog God Games launched their latest Kickstarter project, The Lost Lands: The Lost City of Barakus. When Frog God Games created a Kickstarter […]


Barrowmaze Character Sheet

Having recently purchased Barrowmaze II, I decided to embark on a Play-by-Post campaign using Labyrinth Lord/AEC. With Greg Gillespie being so kind as to provide a blank character sheet, I was able to extract it from the documnet and add […]

The Known Lands of Labyrinth Lord

Since I haven’t been doing any face-to-face gaming at my FLGS these last couple of months, I have upped my play-by-post gaming. I’m not putting them down, but the fact of the matter is there are few, if any, OSR […]

DIY Guide to Binding PDFs – Complete Handbook

So I am continuing my attempts to bind my own PDFs based on the tutorial of Greyharp found here and reprinted here. I have always been fascinated with using necromancers as villians in my campaigns. I feel there is something intrisic […]

DIY Guide to Binding PDFs – Modules

If you have read my two previous posts (here and here), then you know I have been following Greyharp’s directions on printing and binding my PDF files into books. My last post showed the Complete Rules for Swords & Wizardry […]